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Abs of steel – pooch helps owner to work out

Dog helping owner work out dog-wow
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You hear a lot about how dogs keep us healthy thanks to daily park walks. This pooch is keeping their owner fit in a completely different way though. You have to see this.

By Natasha James

Published on the 07/11/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:22

Health benefits of dog ownership

There are lots of scientific studies that show our health improves when we get a dog, largely down to the extra walks we take each day to keep our pooch happy. It’s one of many bonusses that come with the joy of pet ownership.

Have you ever considered asking your pet to be your workout buddy though? That’s exactly what this dog trainer did.

Cun Chivas, a dog trainer from Vietnam is the proud owner of two gorgeous Rottweilers, he’s also working on his six pack with the help of his four-legged pals.

Waggy workouts

If you’ve ever set yourself a target of daily sit ups then you’ll know that this easy-to-carry-out exercise has an obvious drawback, you need something to keep your feet anchored.

In the video, Cun lies down facing his beloved dog. He asks the pooch to lie down too and then hooks his legs under the dog’s. The pup seems to know exactly what’s happening and is only too happy to help.

Gorgeous pup happy to help

Mr Chivas carries out his exercises with the help of his adorable assistant and then, when finished, strokes the pup’s head, asks for his paws and then stands. He leaves the frame and the pup happily bounds after him, no doubt pleased with himself for a job well done.

These dogs are almost cute enough to make us step up our exercise regime... Watch the video here: