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Couple plan romantic engagement photoshoot but their dog has other ideas

Dog disrupts engagement photoshoot dog-happy
© Joyce Sabino/Nícolas Carrelo Fotografia - Facebook

When a couple in Brazil got engaged, they booked a photoshoot to celebrate their engagement. But their pup decides to steal the show in the most hilarious ways.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 04/11/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:22

Alfredo Garcia da Silva and his girlfriend, Joyce Sabino Greffe live in Campo Grande in Brazil, with their beloved 9-month old puppy Pitbull called Thor.

When Alfredo popped the question to Joyce, and she said yes, they couldn’t wait to start planning their wedding.

To celebrate their engagement, the couple organised a special photoshoot with local photographer Nicolas Carrelo. And of course, they planned to include Thor in their special photos.

Nicolas explained to boredpanda.com that Joyce had said: “Nicolas, I wanted to do some pictures with my puppy, he’s very sweet and calm! Rest assured he will behave!”

As an experienced photographer, Nicolas wasn’t fazed at the thought of including the 4-legged pooch in the pictures.

But Joyce couldn’t have been more wrong. The playful pup had other ideas about what was going to happen in front of the lens.

Puppy power

“Every photographer wants to drive, set the scenes, but with Thor it was different, he drove, he set the scenes,” said Nicolas.

But despite the disruption, Nicolas didn’t mind.

“It was so much fun, we laughed all the time,” he added.

Unique engagement pics

Nicolas took a staggering 1,500 photographs during the photoshoot, but only delivered 80 to the loved-up couple. Due to Thor’s playful nature and contribution to the photo session, most of the photographs Nicolas took weren’t suitable to be used as engagement pictures.

But they still make hilarious viewing.

Thor’s incredible energy and facial expressions actually make the photographs that extra bit special and certainly unique.

While they weren’t the photos that the couple or the photographer had originally hoped for, everyone had a great laugh at Thor’s hilarious antics.


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So much so, Nicolas posted some of the images to his Facebook and Instagram pages which very soon reached more than 23 million likes.

Despite working as a professional photographer for ten years, Nicolas has Thor to thank for his big break. "I did not expect all this success, I am very happy and I can say for sure that Thor made a great contribution in my career,” he said.

Special wedding guest

If you are wondering whether Thor had a starring role in the couple’s wedding pictures, of course he did!

Thor made a very handsome wedding guest.