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Black cat missing for incredible 6 years has Halloween surprise for owner

Clyde the black cat cat-happy
© Harris Hill and Gibbons vets - Facebook

When her cat disappeared years ago, owner Mel Sargeant thought she would never see her beloved feline again. But this Halloween brought with it a wonderful surprise.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 04/11/2019, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:38

Cat lover Mel Sargeant adopted Clyde a black cat and his sister Bonnie from a rescue centre over 15 years ago. The cats became much-loved members of the family. So Mrs Sargeant was understandably devastated when Clyde suddenly disappeared.

In 2013, the family had just moved to their new home in Bradford-on-Avon in Wiltshire. Days later, Clyde went missing.


Anyone who has experienced their beloved cat going missing will understand that feeling of despair that Mrs Sargeant felt as she searched everywhere for the black cat.

For six years, she had to resign herself to thinking that something may have happened to the handsome chap. Until she got a surprising phone call.

Mrs Sargeant told the BBC: "We searched everywhere. Put photos up and everything, and there was nothing until 24 hours ago when the vets phoned up to say they'd had a cat handed in," she said.

Remarkable reunion

Mrs Sargeant rushed to the vets, still not quite believing that the cat she would see would be her Clyde.

But it was.


Clyde had been brought into a vets as a stray. Fortunately, the cat was microchipped, so was soon identified as Clyde.

Mrs Sargent said: "I was just in total shock, I rushed to the vets and all the staff were laughing and saying, 'You're in shock'."

"I was just in total shock,” she added. “But we're very happy now we've got our black cat back on Halloween."

George the stray

VetsHarris, Hill and Gibbons, explained that Clyde had been brought to them as a stray after he was seen hanging around an old people’s home. It is thought that the cat had been there for the last four years and was regularly fed by staff who had called him George.

Bright eyes

But there was no doubt when Mrs Sargeant saw him, that the cat was her Clyde. She recognised him straightaway thanks to his beautiful bright eyes.

Clyde has settled back in well to his home with Mrs Sargeant.

"I was saying his name all day yesterday and he was looking around when I said it," she said. But he’s not been reunited with his sister just yet. “Bonnie's going to get a really big shock."

Welcome home Clyde!