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Man rescues ‘kitten’, then finds out it’s not a cat at all

This kitten turned out to be a very different type of cat cat-wow
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A man who rescued a 'kitten' from a local carpark received the shock of a lifetime after the little stray turned out to be something entirely different!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 28/03/2021, 07:30

The unnamed hero was walking through a carpark near his home in Minnesota, USA, when he heard a desperate cry.

After a brief search, he discovered a cute little furball huddled up next to a car tire. He knew the tiny guy couldn't survive on his own, so he scooped up the 'kitten' and carried it home.

A 'cat' in need

And that's when things took an unusual twist. The man couldn't quite put his finger on it, but this didn't look like your average kitty. It just seemed a little 'wild.'

He made a few calls and eventually got in touch with Tami Vogel, Communications Director of Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota. He described his new friend to Tami, who then confirmed his original suspicions. This wasn't just a cat; this was a wild bobcat kitten!

The stray was transferred to the wildlife centre, where staff performed a thorough medical examination. The bobcat was a little dehydrated but otherwise in good health. It's likely the kitten became separated from its mum after a dangerous encounter with a predator. Tami said:

"We can make a guess based on what we see with a lot of other wildlife — a predator passed by, then everyone scattered. Mom and the rest of the litter stayed together, but this little one got separated."

A return to the wild

The centre would usually return the animal to where they were found in the hope that mum will come back for them. Unfortunately, the staff couldn't leave this guy alone in such a hazardous location.

Instead, the bobcat went to a specialist wildlife rehab centre, and was released back into the wild as soon as he was big and strong enough.