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Watch: Golden Retriever pups dancing is the cutest thing you’ll ever see

Golden Retriever puppies dog-happy
© Pixabay

What could possibly be cuter than a video of four little Golden Retrievers? Well, how about the little pups performing their own adorable dance routine?

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 03/11/2019, 13:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:22

Golden Retrievers are beautiful, intelligent and loyal dogs. They also make incredibly cute puppies.

Fans of these beautiful dogs have simply fallen in love with an adorable clip posted on Twitter of four tiny Golden Retrievers performing their very own mealtime dance routine.

The video posted by Golden Retriever Channel shows the tiny pooches performing a circle dance around a shared bowl of food.

It almost looks like they’ve been rehearsing.

Perfectly in sync with each other, the puppies rotate around in a circle at an equal pace.

Perhaps the pups want to burn off some calories or they're just too excited to stand still! But whatever they are up to, it’s won the hearts of dog lovers.

One Twitter user posted:

“It looks like a canine pinwheel,” while another added, “puppy flower.”

Others sounded in awe of the pups mealtime performance commenting, “synchronised eating!”

Golden Retriever goodness

The Twitter account’s description says, “The Official Twitter Feed of the Golden Retriever Channel. Come for the dogs. Stay for the dog goodness!”

This is certainly true as there are a number of other adorable Golden Retriever videos to watch.

One cute video shows a cute blonde pup wearing a Baby Shark outfit. While the puppy doesn’t look entirely sure about its outfit, it certainly looks extremely cute.

And you won’t be able to resist laughing at the video of the poor Golden Retriever who managed to get its head stuck in the hole meant for its dog bowl!