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Bradford woman puts her life on hold to rescue cats in need

Poorly kitten cat-sad
© Paula Thoma - Facebook

We’d all go out of our way to rescue a cat in need but would you dedicate your life to it? That’s exactly what this woman does and she says the situation is getting worse.

By Natasha James

Published on the 03/11/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:38

The cat rescuer

Paula Thoma lives in Bradford and has been rescuing stray cats and dogs for years.

She’s so dedicated to the cause that she currently cares for 40 cats in her home and has even given up her bedroom to make more room for the abandoned felines.

Paula was born and bred in Bradford and says the treatment of cats seems to be getting worse.

The saddest kitties

She’s saved kittens infested with maggots, abandoned pups that were used in brutal dog fights and cats that were almost fully blind because they’ve been dumped after contracting illnesses like feline Aids (FIV) that haven’t been treated.

Paula had this to say about her life’s work

“To me, a cat in need is a cat in need. I live and breathe daily for the animals I care for… but the situation is not getting any better and it is breaking my heart seeing the cats suffering daily.”

Paula is joining other cat rescuers across the area to print leaflets and hold workshops about the correct way to take care of cats.

She thinks many people buy cats as a way to keep mice and rats away but don’t realise that the cats need love and care too.

We wish Paula all the best in her quest to take care of the stray cats of Bradford. Those poor kitties are very lucky to have her.