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Flying dogs caught in mid-air by Gloucester-based photographer

Two dogs "flying through the air" dog-happy
© Thegloucesterdogphotographer - Instagram

A photographer from Gloucester specialising in dog portraits has begun a series of pictures of dogs “hanging in the air”. And the popularity of the works is growing.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 02/11/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:22

Colin Crowdey’s images of dogs are taken through a glass-topped table. Writes The Independent, the photographer takes snapshots of the dog as it jumps from the table, then in post-production, angles the picture to give the impression of the dog flying through the air.


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It's essentially a giant coffee table,” explains Crowdey. “So it's a piece of glass that is safe for the dogs and there's a remote controlled camera underneath.

“I stand there with squeaky toys and treats because they have to look down otherwise you just get chins.”

What are the challenges?

Of the numerous challenges of animal photography Crowdey says dogs with long legs are especially difficult to capture in the act.

Dalmatians have a high centre of gravity because of their long legs,” adds the artist. “So you have to be really careful otherwise you get splayed legs!


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You have got to have a lot of patience and I don't often get stressed but sometimes in this job you do!

“You do get the odd diva dog. I do about 25 dogs a week, every week so it's a lot of dogs!

The Gloucester Dog Photographer

Crowdey set up his custom-built studio five years ago in his back garden. The artist explains on his website that the studio is able to be configured for nine different sets determined by his client’s wishes.

There is plenty of room for family members to come along and watch us at work creating amazing images of your gorgeous dog,” he writes.

Comfortable furnishings, plenty of dog treats and always a great atmosphere, we always try and create that amazing "Xperience" for our customers.”

For more details or to book an appointment with the Gloucester Dog Photographer, visit the website or call 07590 508068.


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