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James Middleton posts adorable video of Retriever with heartfelt message

James Middleton and his dogs dog-happy
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He has always been open about his mental health struggles. Now the Duchess of Cambridge’s brother has shared a video of his dog Mabel with a touching message for his followers.

By Zoe Monk , 2 Nov 2019

To help remove the stigma of mental health, James has always been startling honest with his own personal struggles.

He credits his five dogs Mabel, a beautiful Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniels, Ella, Zulu, Inka and Luna, with helping him in his recovery.


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“I’m like a bird”

He has now shared an adorable close-up video of Mabel’s nose sniffing the camera accompanied by the Nelly Furtado’s song, “I’m like a bird”.

In his post, James told his 163k followers to watch the clip with the sound up and listen to the lyrics:

“You’re beautiful, that’s for sure. You’ll never ever fade.”

The caption reads: “Mabel has something to tell you. Dogs only speak the truth.”


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Who doesn't love a little confidence boost from an adorable pooch every once in a while?

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James’ cherished canine companions are a regular feature on his Instagram account much to the delight of his followers.


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James has always been brutally honest about his depression, describing it as a “cancer of the mind”. There were times he said it was so bad he even struggled to do very simple tasks we all take for granted like communicating with loved ones or even opening emails.


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The Duchess' younger brother has often credited the role his dogs have played in providing him with crucial emotional support. He is now an active volunteer with the Pets as Therapy charity that provides canine therapy visits to nursing and care homes, hospitals and hospices.