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Woman walking her dog sees cougar on their trail, Metallica comes to the rescue

cougar stalking on woodland path dog-wow
© Mistressdee1 - Youtube

Dee Gallant was walking in the woods with her dog Murphy when they made a dangerous encounter. Dee kept Murphy on a tight lead but didn't know how to get out of the sticky situation!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 01/11/2019, 13:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:22

Fortunately, Dee had an incredibly useful weapon at her disposal. And the brilliant idea she had is probably what saved her and Murphy’s life.

The encounter

Dee and Murphy were out on one of their daily walks in the South Duncan woods, on Vancouver Island, Canada. Suddenly, Dee had the strange feeling that something was following them. And when she turned around, she realised a huge cougar was right behind them, stalking their every move.

At first, Dee, in true Canadian style, didn’t think anything of it. But when she saw that the big cat was not losing interest, she started to worry.

Scaring a cougar

The first idea that came to Dee’s mind was to scare the cougar off by shouting and making big motions with her arms. But that didn’t seem to deter the wild animal, who seemed to be staring at Dee and Murphy even more intently.

In a final act of despair, Dee took her phone out and started playing Metallica – ‘Don’t Tread On Me’. The song is well known for its loud voices and strong base, and with the volume turned up on maximum, Dee hoped it would turn the predator away.

Finally afraid

And it seemed the combination of loud vocals, drums and electric guitar were too much to handle for the cougar, who finally took fright, and ran back into the woods.

During the rest of her walk, Dee kept the music on, just to be safe. She of course kept Murphy close to her, and on the leash. Apparently, Murphy didn’t mind the heavy metal playing in the background.

Dee will forever be thankful for Metallica who saved her and Murphy’s life on this fateful day!