WATCH: Dog comes to baby monkey’s rescue

Dog rescuing tiny monkey dog-happy © VT - Facebook

You can’t beat a bit of good old-fashioned love between animals and this video is about as cute as it gets. Watch as this adorable pooch comes to this baby monkey’s rescue…

By Natasha James

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Dogs are known for their kind and loving nature. We’ve all marvelled at the kindness and the discipline of guide dogs; the attentive nature of Labradors; the intelligence of Border Collies; and the soppiness of Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Often though, these adorable attributes are shown to their human families, but this video shows a dog reaching out to help another species with seemingly no benefit at all for herself.

A wagging tail

The chocolate-coloured pooch stops and encourages the baby monkey to climb onto her back. As the baby monkey adjusts himself and gets comfortable, the dog stands very still with only a slight wag of the tail giving away her happiness.

It is then thought that the clever and caring pooch walked all the way to a local police station, seeming to know that these would be the people to help.

A friend in need

The police officers were only too happy to do just that and the video shows an officer encouraging the tiny monkey to eat a banana (who soon gets the hang of it).

Officers looked after the monkey before handing him over to animal health officials for a return to the wild.

We wish the little monkey all the very best and hope he manages to find his family soon.

And, as for the chocolate-coloured superhero, she hasn’t been seen at the police station since. We like to think she’s out there rescuing other animals as we speak!

Dog brings baby monkey to police

This dog has come to an adorable baby monkey's rescue! ??❤️?

Posted by VT on Monday, October 28, 2019
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