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100% British dog Instagram accounts that you just HAVE to follow

Maggie and Sonny Instagram dogs dog-happy
© maggiethewunderdog & sonny_silly_greyhound - Instagram

Nowadays, you can find anything online. But the best thing about the internet, in our opinion, is the dogs! There are so many amazing accounts out there - where to start?!

By Justine Seraphin , 31 Oct 2019

That’s why we’ve selected 10 of our favourite dog Instagram accounts to share with you. If you don’t follow them already, what are you doing?

1. Marcel Le Corgi

Marcel is a London-living Corgi with a special feature – his fluffy coat! Corgis with long fur like Marcel’s are known as ‘fluffies’ and do not meet breed standards. But we think it makes him look even more adorable. Marcel’s account is filled with his foodie and walkie adventures across Europe and will soon feature the same abroad in the USA!


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2. Life With Malamutes

This Manchester family just keeps getting bigger and bigger! It started off with Phil, a big fluffy teddy-bear looking Malamute. Then along came Niko, a little smaller but just as fluffy! Then Milo the Maine Coon cross was added to the mix! All three pets get along swimmingly and love to shower their paw-rents with tons of affection…and soon they’ll have a human baby to protect and care for too!


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3. Sonny Silly Greyhound

Sonny’s account has only just breached 3k followers but we think it deserves so much more! This handsome boy is a rescue greyhound from Devon, and his account is all about showing people how great rescue pooches can be! Sonny is often seen posing in stylish bowties or bandanas, and when he’s not enjoying the great outdoors, can be found potato-ing on his humans’ sofas!


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4. Atlas the Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Is it a dog or is it a polar bear? Anyone who thinks big dogs like this one can’t live in small spaces NEED to follow this London dog’s account. Yes, that’s right. Despite his monster size, Atlas takes the tube and struts his stuff in all the London parks. This big friendly giant loves nothing more than meeting his friends and fans out and about (both dog and human)!


A post shared by Atlas (@atlas_thepyr) on

5. Maggie the Wonder Dog

This amazing pooch is truly an inspiration! Maggie was rescued from an abusive past where she had been shot several times, losing both of her eyes and an ear in the process. Now Maggie is living her best life in her fur-ever Brighton home. And though she’s been through so much, all she wants is to spread the love and joy she is now receiving. That’s why her day job is going around schools and hospitals as a therapy pooch!


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So, what are you waiting for? Get following!