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Kitten thrown from moving car saved from death by the application of baby oil

Twinkle the cat sits on the floor cat-wow
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The owner of a kitten paralysed after being thrown from a moving car has found a novel way to treat a condition a local vet said was incurable and terminal.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 03/11/2019, 11:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:38

Michaela Lanarth’s first encounter with Twinkle was not a happy one. The kitten had been thrown from a car and was deemed to have been paralysed in the fall.

Undeterred, animal behaviourist Ms Lanarth began to nurse the kitten. Although the 57-year-old already had five other rescue cats to take care of, this one – Twinkle – was special.

As the weeks went by the kitten grew strong and resilient, but its back legs would never work again. Nevertheless, Twinkle was a fighter, and quickly learned how to move around well enough to cause havoc around the house.

Sore bottom

In April of this year, Lanarth noticed how sore Twinkle’s rear end was getting. On closer inspection she discovered the cat’s movements had caused a boil to develop.

A visit to the vet yielded a more serious diagnosis of a ruptured anal sac. The prognosis was not good, the sac was damaged beyond repair and Twinkle – despite her survivability – should be put down.

Lanarth refused to give up on the cat however. In a moment of innovation she decided to try an application of baby oil to the sore.

I knew we had to do something soon,” Lanarth told The Metro. “Or else the area would get too infected and she’d have no quality of life.

I didn’t want to use the harsh chemical-filled things vets had suggested on her delicate fur, but she loved the oil, which has natural ingredients.”

It took just two days for the baby oil to bring about change in the redness and infection of the skin.

After two days, the black, dead skin around the abscess was already healing," Lanarth said.

Twinkle loved having it applied. She’d even stick her leg in the air for me. It was lovely and soothing for her.

New trousers

Clearly Twinkle’s way of moving around is to blame for the recurring problem. She gets around by shuffling, and the constant rubbing of her bottom against the ground causes the sac to become inflamed. But Lanarth has thought of everything. The cat now has a new pair of trousers to wear outside as well!

You can learn more about Twinkle’s story in this short video: