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Demand for stricter firework laws after scared terrier nearly dies

Dog scared by loud fireworks dog-angry
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The bangs and screams of fireworks are common this time of year, but they can have very serious consequences for our pets as one horrified Welsh Terrier owner discovered.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 30/10/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:23

Robert Lomas from Old Trafford in Manchester was out walking with his little Welsh Terrier called Taffy when there was suddenly loud bangs from firework rockets.

The poor little pup was so startled and scared he ran off onto a busy road. His owner Robert watched on in horror as his dog was dragged under a car. Taffy required emergency vet treatment and thankfully survived his ordeal.

Trembling and shaking

Sadly, Taffy isn’t the only dog that has been injured and traumatised by loud fireworks.

This heartbreaking video of 10-year-old Greyhound Charlie shows the poor dog trembling and shaking on the floor as fireworks go off outside.

Dogs & Fireworks

This is the effect fireworks can have on a dog. via BBC Radio Scotland

Posted by BBC Scotland on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A growing number of vets are calling for there to be a ban on selling fireworks to the public. They want the government to change the law on firework sales because they are concerned that pets are being put at serious risk.

Traumatic experience

Every year, pet owners like Robert have to deal with the stress and worry of fireworks. Speaking of his recent experience with Taffy, Robert told ITV:

"It was so traumatic. I was really upset and shaken up. I tried to get him into the house, but he was urinating blood and I panicked. The past few years have been an absolute nightmare for fireworks. I'd definitely support moves to restrict sales, license displays and reduce the decibel level."

A survey by Vets Now found that out of the 7,000 respondents, as many as 73% said that their pets were scared of the noise of fireworks. Meanwhile, 96% would support stricter controls on fireworks.

While vets and pet owners welcomed the news that Sainsbury’s will no longer be selling fireworks from any of the supermarket’s 2,300 stores, they want the government to do more.

Control use of fireworks

Vets Now were fortunately able to successfully treat little Taffy. But not every pet is quite so lucky.

Amanda Boag, clinical director at Vets Now, wants the government to do much more to stop the irresponsible and dangerous use of fireworks.

She said: "Fireworks can be hugely distressing for pets when they're let off unexpectedly.

"They are also too noisy and too easily available. To reduce the distress caused to pets we urgently need a review of fireworks regulations to prevent supermarkets and other retailers from selling them for private use.

"We'd also like to see their use restricted to licensed public events, which are well publicised in advance, around traditional dates only."

Keeping your dog happy

While it can be impossible to control the volume of local fireworks, there are a few things you can do to reduce the impact on your dog.