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Police responding to loud music complaints are shocked to discover real culprits

Police visit apartment over loud music complaints cat-wow
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German Police called out to a home following neighbours' complaints about extremely loud music, and got a huge shock when they discovered the identity of the offenders.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 30/10/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:38

Living alongside noisy neighbours can feel like a nightmare. You are trying to have a peaceful evening, perhaps even trying to get some sleep. But there’s no way you can relax when loud music is blaring from your neighbour's house. Loud noise and loud music can be the cause of many neighbour disputes.

For residents in one neighbourhood in Germany, their evening had turned into a headache when their neighbour's music was continually blaring out at full volume. It was so loud it could even be heard in the street.

To make matters even worse, it was the same song that was being played again and again.

Called police

The residents couldn’t take it anymore so at 8.45pm they called the police. Once the police arrived, they knocked loudly on the door but no one answered. None of the neighbours had a contact number for the resident so after twenty minutes of loud persistent knocking, the police decided to force their way into the apartment. They had become increasingly concerned that something may have happened to the occupier.

Once they got into the property, they couldn’t find the resident. Very confused, all they could see in the property were two cats. No one else was in the home. The music was blaring out from a laptop that was open on a table. The police quickly turned off the music much to the neighbourhood's relief.

Music mystery

Around an hour later, a very surprised and confused resident returned home. She told the police that she had turned off the music before she had left her apartment.

That only leaves two rather furry culprits that could have been responsible for the loud music.

Feline culprits

It appeared that the woman’s two kittens had jumped on the laptop’s keyboard and managed to not only turn on the music, but also crank up the volume to ear-splitting levels!

German police shared the unusual story on Facebook.


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The woman will no doubt make sure her laptop is kept well away from her felines in future. Especially after the police handed her a penalty notice for breaking noise pollution regulations.