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9 of the cutest cat Halloween costumes

Cat dressed up as a witch for Halloween dog-happy
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It’s Halloween, and while most people are looking forward to trick or treating, cat lovers like us have only got one thing in mind. We want to see some cats in costume!

By Ashley Murphy , 29 Oct 2019

Remember, not all cats enjoy Halloween as much as we do! You should only dress your cat up if they remain relaxed and comfortable. Alternatively, start off with something small like a bow around the collar. As they get more comfortable, you can add extra pieces! Until then, check out these guys!

#1 The kitty king of the north

Game of Thrones might be over for now, but Halloween is the perfect chance to bring some of your favourite characters back to life! Check out this kitty King of the North!


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#2 Trick or Treat?

Cat lovers like us always struggle to say no to our beloved pets, especially when they turn on those adoring eyes. Thankfully, Halloween is one night where we can dish out the treats guilt-free.


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#3 A family affair

Halloween is a chance for all the family to dress up, including our favourite furry members. These guys look like they're about to have the best Halloween ever!


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#4 I'm doing this for her!

This owner decided to dress up her pet kitty as a snowman, although we think he looks more like the iconic grumpy cat! #imonlydoingittomakemyhumanhappy!


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#5 As cute as can 'bee!'

This cute furball is absolutely buzzing about Halloween! Could she 'bee' any cuter?


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#6 Mustard or ketchup?

We've all heard about hot-dogs, but what about a hot-cat? We just hope nobody tries to put mustard or ketchup on this cute kitty!


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#7 To cute to scare

It's hard to imagine a kitty scaring anyone. This guy tried his best with his little vampire outfit, but we just want to pick him up and give him a big cuddle!


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#8 Unicorns are real!

Halloween is a magical night when anything can come true! It's the one time of the year when the impossible becomes a reality, and when mystical creatures like unicorns can suddenly come to life. Ok, so that's not quite true - but we can always pretend.


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#9 Release the inner big cat

As much as they love being pampered and cared for by their humans, every domestic cat needs to get in touch with his or her wilder side. This furball is doing a great impression of one of his big cat cousins!


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Which one was your favourite?