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Hero dogs bravely took the lead in US military raid

German Shepherd army dog dog-serious

A brave military dog saved the day during a US raid in Syria.

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You’ve all heard the news – a recent US military raid resulted in the annihilation of the leader of a large terrorist group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

By Justine Seraphin , 28 Oct 2019

But it comes as no surprise to us that the true heroes of the day were revealed to be no less than the military dogs deployed on this mission.

Bravery incarnated

Indeed, the dogs, described by President Trump as ‘beautiful’ and ‘talented’, chased the man through underground tunnels, leading US soldiers to their target.

Though one of the dogs was injured, all the men and animals involved in the raid survived.

Four-legged soldiers

There are no details yet about the dogs involved, but they are thought to be Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds. These two breeds are especially favoured by the military due to their incredible intelligence and receptiveness to training. Their strength and endurance are also a plus for missions which involve a lot of physical exertion on the animal’s part.

These dogs’ top quality lies in their ability to deploy an offensive attack and retract it just as easily on their trainer’s command.

Ron Aiello, a retired Marine and president of non-profit U.S. War Dogs Association, said: “On a mission like this you want a dog that can be aggressive when necessary.”

Dogs like these are valuable weapons, and as such, are not cheap to come by. A fully trained military dog can cost upward of $283,000!

Not ‘just’ dogs

Similarly to the UK, the US no longer considers service animals as equipment, but rather as full members of their human team. We hope these hero dogs will be justly decorated for their service, and that they will receive all the care and attention they need when they return home!