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The most poignant of moments: brokenhearted owner says goodbye to his dog

Man cradling his white dog as it is put to sleep dog-sad
© We Care Animal Rescue - Facebook

A recent video posted to Facebook showing a dog in the process of being put to sleep has gone viral. The owner weeps as the dog drifts off to sleep in his arms.

By Nick Whittle , 29 Oct 2019

It could be one of the most popular yet saddest Facebook videos of recent months. Last week a man who remains nameless took his sick dog to the local vet’s practice for the last time. The dog had been poorly for a few weeks and the owner eventually made the difficult decision to have his beloved friend euthanized.

The process was filmed and posted online. In the video (which we have included below) the man is seen cradling the dog as the animal slips away.

According to The Epoch Times, the video has since been viewed over 17 million times. Those views have been accompanied by scores of well-wishers sharing their traumatic experiences of euthanasia.

Messages of sympathy

So very sorry for your loss, but your best friend will still be with you in spirit. My loving animals have always came back to visit,wrote one user, Janet Kelly.

The hardest thing to do when it comes to our beloved pets,” wrote Rosa Collada. “May God give you the strength from today on...your pup will always be with you, will protect you like he did in the past. My heart aches & cried during video. Thoughts & prayers sent your way.

Suzanne Shipley wrote, “This made me cry so much my gizmo has lymphoma cancer and had 6 months of chemotherapy but the cancer has returned and I've been told he has 4 weeks left at best. He is literally my world and I'm dreading this day he's only 7. Love to you x"

And Tina Larson-Fugere added, “Through all the death I’ve dealt with in this life, losing my beautiful dogs was definitely the hardest and worst heartbreak I’ve ever had to deal with! I’m so sorry for you loss!

You can view the harrowing video here. If nothing else, we think the knowledge of others who have gone through the same suffering will help this particular dog owner to recover from his loss.

Good bye my love :'(

The strong man will have to leave the dog which he has lived with for 14 years. Hope that there will be no more pain in heaven :'(

Posted by We Care Animal Rescue on Saturday, September 21, 2019