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Extraordinary dog gives rise to one of the biggest Labrador litters ever

Labrador litter screenshot from video of birth dog-wow
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Surprising owner and vets alike, a Kentish Labrador has this week given birth to 13 puppies; the litter is thought to be one of the largest ever delivered.

By Nick Whittle , 29 Oct 2019

Dog breeder Leah Barrett told The Independent she thought Beau, her black Labrador bitch, would have at the most eight puppies. The vet was even more conservative: five or six at the most. But when Beau began to labour the number of puppies that issued forth rose steadily past both estimates.

In the end Beau gave birth to 13 puppies, which is just two less than the record number delivered by a Labrador in 2014.

The labour

Writes The Independent, Barrett was surprised by how quickly the puppies were born. According to 32-year-old Ms Barrett, from Allhallows, Kent, the puppies were “flying out” when Beau went into labour.

The vet told us it would take about an hour for each puppy to be born. We thought there could be up to eight, so roughly calculated an eight-hour labour,” Ms Barrett said.

But after seven were born in just 40 minutes, we were absolutely gobsmacked. They were just flying out.”

The litter

Seven boys and six girls were born in total, all of which according to Barrett, already have their own personality. The pups will soon be placed in the public domain for adoption. All but two of the litter will be sold each at a cost of £950.

Barrett expects to make £10,000 by their sale.

In 2014 The Scotsman reported on Labrador Annie’s birth to 15 puppies. Owners Donald and Rhona Kelly remain hopeful that the size of the litter will prove to be record breaking.

Guinness World Records just have a record for the dog with the most pups and that was a mastiff with 24,” said Mr Kelly. “The person I spoke to thought it was probably a Scottish or British record for a Labrador.

The Kennel Club have asked me to send them a photo of the 15 pups to keep on record.

Follow Beau’s story with this short video: