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8 pictures that prove service dogs are the best thing that ever happened to us!

Service dogs keep us safe and save lives dog-happy
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All dogs are special, but there’s a special group of canines that deserves some extra praise. They’re called service dogs and they’re absolutely amazing!

By Ashley Murphy , 28 Oct 2019

1# A working dog's dinner

After a long hard day of chasing bad guys and sniffing out criminals, every Police dog deserves a big tasty dinner. This guy can't wait to tuck into his!


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2# A not so little helper

The Service Dog Project trains and donates Great Danes to help people with balance and mobility issues. Here's one of their recent graduates in action!


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3# A well-earned break

Service dogs are never off duty. These super pooches have always got an eye on the people they help and protect. Still, this gang of pups in training managed to enjoy a quick break during a recent field trip.


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4# How is it Monday already?

We all know that Monday morning feeling, but it turns out service dogs get the the Monday blues, too! Somebody get this pooch a double expresso!


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5# Support dogs save lives

While some support dogs assist people with their day-to-day lives, others play a much more important role. This furry hero is specially trained to call for help if his owner has a life-threatening seizure!


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6# Sometimes a cuddle is enough

Some support dogs save lives, but there's another bunch of helpful canines that often go overlooked. Their job is to be a best friend to young children living with autism and social anxiety.


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7# Support the support dogs

Many support dog organisations run on a shoestring budget, and they're always looking for extra help to keep their vital services running. This guy is putting in some overtime to help raise funds for supportdogsuk. Who could say no to that face?


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8# A very special bond

Service dogs often put their lives on the line to keep us safe, and no-one appreciates them more than the men and women who train and handle these amazing animals.


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