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Watch: emotional reunion between soldier and his German Shepherds

german shepherds reunite with their soldier dad dog-happy
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When an unexpected visitor enters a dog’s home, you would expect defensive behaviour, but it’s quite the opposite that occurred here with these two love bugs!

By Justine Seraphin , 27 Oct 2019

German Shepherds are large, strong dogs who have long been misunderstood by those who do not know the breed well. In reality, German Shepherds are extremely loyal and affectionate toward their owners and are only defensive when they believe their loved ones are in danger. Their intelligence is almost undisputed in the dog world and is often utilised in guide or police dog training.

Education is key

As with all breeds, what matters most is the way the dog is trained and socialised. If they are handled well by their owners, all dogs make wonderful companions!

This is definitely the case for these two beautiful Shepherd dogs, who rush over to their soldier dog dad when he returns from his mission abroad.

Sweet reunion

In the video, the soldier can be seen hiding behind the door, and suddenly opening it to his two dogs’ surprise. When they smell its their dad, they start to whine, jump up on him, and wag their tails with happiness. The soldier looks like he’s just as happy to be back home with his pups, and the whole scene is quite the tear-jerker…

Do you agree?

Breaking stereotypes

It’s videos like these that debunk the myth that German Shepherds are dangerous, dominant dogs. In fact, these gentle giants are just full of love!