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Huge German Shepherd puts tiny kitty in his mouth and the world holds its breath

German Shepherd with tiny kitten on stairs dog-cat-wow
© Ten Shakes of Grace - YouTube

When German Shepherd Tennyson spots his feline sibling struggling to climb the stairs, he does something unbelievable and wraps his huge jaw around the little kitten’s head.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 26/10/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:38

German Shepherds are one of the most common dog breeds. They have served as police dogs for many years and are often chosen by families to provide extra security at home. But while they may be a big strong and imposing dog, they are really only gentle giants as you will soon see.

Tennyson the German Shepherd was climbing the stairs in his house. Just behind him, a cute little kitten called Moo tries its best to climb the stairs but seems to struggle with the big steps.

Kitten versus stairs

The video posted on YouTube shows Tennyson looking down at the kitten, watching him try his hardest to battle with the stairs. Off-camera a woman’s voice says: “No, let him do it himself.”

But Tennyson takes matters into his own paws, or jaws, and grabs the tiny cat's head by his mouth. The kitten looks understandably frightened at first. But Tennyson really shows his gentle giant credentials by picking the kitten up as delicately as possible with his mouth and carries the startled kitty up the stairs.

Best friends

Once Tennyson drops the kitty down, both canine and feline sit down as Moo snuggles up to his big helpful brother. The adorable footage has hit an incredible 489,785 views with viewers delighting in watching the bond between dog and kitten.

The footage posted by YouTuber ‘Ten Shakes of Grace’ shows how much German Shepherd Tennyson loves to help with the foster kittens.

"Pied Piper of kittens"

And it isn’t the only video of Tennyson giving a helping paw to little felines. Other videos posted online show Tennyson carrying, grooming, playing and cuddling the little foster kittens in his home. One video is even labelled as, “Tennyson, the pied piper of foster kittens”.

It seems that Tennyson is definitely a BFG - a Big Friendly German Shepherd!