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Vet shocked at dog breeder's request

Boxer dog Tracy wears her shirt dog-angry
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Breed or be killed. Last year a Pennsylvania vet was left shocked by the attitude of a puppy farmer who seemed so lacking in care for his animals’ welfare.

By Nick Whittle , 26 Oct 2019

At the beginning of 2018 the owner of a puppy mill near Intercourse, PA visited a vet with poorly Boxer dog, Tracy. The dog, one of the primary breeding animals, was emaciated and clearly ill and distressed.


Remember sweet Tracy, the alleged starvation/cruelty case from back in December? Well, justice may finally be served. Our ask is for all of our loyal followers, within driving distance to Lancaster County, PA, to attend the hearing in support of Tracy. Please share and like this post. The details are as follows: Monday, July 30th at 10:30AM Magisterial District Judge Raymond S. Sheller District Court 02-3-05 14 Center Street Intercourse, PA 17534-0618

Posted by Adopt a Boxer Rescue on Thursday, July 26, 2018

If the condition of the four-year-old dog was not a sufficient reason for the vet to be concerned, the attitude of its owner was. According to reports, following the trial of Amos E. Blank Jnr in July of 2018, the owner of the mill was more concerned about profit than the dog’s health.

He made clear his intention to have the dog put to sleep should the vet determine that the animal could no longer bear pups. The vet refused to undertake euthanasia and instead reported their findings to the police.


The trial of Blank took place at the Intercourse district court. The judge presiding forbid Blank to own a kennel license for 10 years and fined him a mere $50. Insufficient, some believe, in light of the appalling conditions Tracy and others were kept. Furthermore, the law states that Blank can still breed dogs and own up to 26 dogs a year.

The Pennsylvania Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals did not comment on the outcome of the case but did post on Facebook: “A big thank to the PSPCA and their humane officer and veterinarian who fought hard for Tracy. Another big thank you to all of our supporters who made sure they were there for us.

Our sweet Tracy also made an appearance, she looks great and we were so happy to see how well she’s doing!!! If you agree that this sentence is not enough, please contact your local and state officials and let them know that the laws need to change to favor the animals.”