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Durham dog shelter worried about what will happen after Brexit

Two dogs imported from Romania dog-serious
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A business that specialises in re-homing dogs from Romania has called for help. With Brexit on the way, Tendercare Rescue urges would-be dog owners to get in touch.

By Nick Whittle , 26 Oct 2019

One dog re-homing centre in Durham has urged potential dog owners to get in touch as the business make a last-ditch attempt to import dogs from Romania.

As Brexit day approaches Tendercare founder Tracey Hobbs has made frenzied visits to the country to try to bring back to the UK as many dogs as possible. She fears both a freeze on trade and a restriction to travel after the UK finally breaks from the EU.

Rescue home founder, Tracey Hobbs, told The Chronicle, “We don’t know what will happen once we leave the European Union, as all our rescue dogs have EU pet passports.

“It’s awful to think about all the dogs living in Romania that risk not be saved once the government decide our future relationship with the EU.”


However, by bringing so many dogs back, Hobbs has caused the shelter to become dangerously full. She has now issued a plea to those who want to rehome a rescue dog to get in touch.

According to The Chronicle, Hobbs’s Facebook post reads, “As Brexit is fast approaching, we have tried to get as many dogs over here as possible as we don't know what will happen afterwards.

“Because of this, we have way more dogs to re-home than normal.

“If you know of anyone looking for a dog, please give us a mention. If you are thinking of adopting yourself, now is the time.”

In order to get in touch with Tendercare Rescue Dogs call 01207 529233 or visit the website.