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Breeder abandons puppy for flimsy reason but lives to regret it

Instagram star was abandoned as pup dog-wow
© Bertie the pom - Instagram

Dogs are known as man’s best friend but all too often we don’t deserve the honour. A breeder rejected this adorable pup for the poorest reason but must regret it now...

By Natasha James , 25 Oct 2019

An unfair abandonment

Bertram, the German Spitz, is clearly a very handsome dog but at just five months old, he was abandoned by his breeder who decided he was “too tall” to make any decent money on the sales market.

Deeming Bertram a burden, the unscrupulous breeder abandoned the pup with no further thought.

Thankfully, the story doesn’t end there and Bertram was spotted on a pet adoption website by New York artist, Kathy Grayson.


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Love at first sight

Kathy fell in love and travelled to Tulsa to collect him and bring him to his new forever home.

It didn’t take long for artist Kathy to discover that her new pooch was something of a star so she set up an Instagram account in his honour.

The account immediately attracted huge numbers of followers and Bertram has been such a big draw that he even brings business to his owner’s gallery. Some potential customers bring their pooches along to meet the famous pup, too!


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A social star

Little Bertie is now a social media star with a whopping 420,000 followers on Instagram. Owner Kathy is not at all surprised.

We hope that the cruel breeder who abandoned the young pup has learnt his lesson.

Bertie recently turned six and has the life he always deserved.

Happy birthday Bertie, big cuddles from us!


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