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WATCH: Adorable baby giggles in delight at Bull Terrier

Dog makes baby laugh in hilarious vid dog-happy
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Some nervous new parents might try to keep baby and dog apart until the little one is older. This video proves that if they do, they’re missing out!

By Natasha James , 25 Oct 2019

A family breed

Bull Terriers were originally developed as fighting dogs. They have exceptional strength and long, lean muscles, but these days you’re far more likely to see them as loyal family pets and when you watch this video, you’ll see why.

The video starts with the little baby girl of around 6 months old lying on her tummy in the middle of a playmat.

She faces funny girl Bella, the Bull Terrier, who has mischief in her eyes!

Funny pup!

As the baby watches, Bella spins and zig zags across the room, much to the delight of the giggling baby.

Crouching in the play position and facing the baby, Bella varies her speed and direction in order to get the biggest laugh from the happy baby.

Baby's best friend

One of the greatest things about the video is the joy of the baby and the complete trust that the parent filming the video has in Bella. While the dog is clearly having tons of fun, she knows exactly what she’s doing and how best to protect her little human sis.

We think this lucky little girl already has all the makings of a huge dog lover and growing up with a big sister like Bella is only going to encourage this love to grow.

We can’t wait to see more videos of this adorable little duo as they grow up together.

Watch the video now and get ready to smile


Peppa the Bull Terrier making her baby laugh for the first time ?

Posted by Erin Cullen on Thursday, October 17, 2019

Friendly reminder 

No matter how adorable this video is, we take this opportunity to remind readers that leaving a young child unattended with a dog (of any size or breed), is not recommended. While your dog may be the nicest and gentlest around, young children can play rough, and are unable to read warning signals coming from your pet. It’s better to be safe than sorry, always supervise your children!