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Can you give Bruce the bouncing Collie an active fur-ever home?

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It’s worth looking into adoption when you’re thinking of taking a new pet into your home. There are thousands of cats and dogs in shelters who are looking to be loved!

By Justine Seraphin , 24 Oct 2019

This week, we’re introducing you to Bruce, a young Collie mix who is full of energy!

Bruce is at Battersea’s London location, and can’t wait to meet the family who will take him out on all the walkies!

Bruce’s ideal environment

Bruce has boundless puppy AND Collie energy. He would therefore prefer to live outside of the city, in an area where he will be free to run and play outside all the time. He will need owners that are readily available to keep him both mentally and physically stimulated.


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Bruce’s health

Bruce is currently recovering from a leg operation, so is on a strict exercise regime that will have to be respected. However, once he’s all healed, he’ll be perfectly fit! Collies are relatively healthy dogs, and since Bruce is still in his puppy years, be aware that adopting him means a commitment of anywhere from 9 to 16 years!

Training Bruce

Bruce will do best in a home with experienced owners as he doesn’t yet know how to channel his energy, which leads him to be boisterous in his interactions both with people and other dogs. He can be quite grabby and demanding when he’s not getting his way, but owners with a knowledge of working breeds should be able to focus his energy, stimulate his intelligence, and help him become the best version of himself.

Grooming Bruce

Bruce will be a heavy shedder, but his short coat will be a breeze to groom! All the beauty of the Collie without all the hair!

Bruce’s active and intelligent personality

Bruce has the potential to become a wonderful companion for an active family. Collies are extremely intelligent and loyal dogs! And Bruce is so young that his lucky adopters will truly be able to shape him into the dog they need!

With his love of play, Bruce will be more than happy to share a home with teenagers and other dogs, but is, however, a little too rambunctious for cats!

If you think Bruce could be the one for you, apply to rehome online, or call Battersea’s rehoming line at 02076279234.