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Miracle little kitten determined to survive overcomes unimaginable ordeal

Adopted rescue kitten cat-happy
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A couple looking for a new kitten got much more than they had bargained for when they met cute little Winston, an injured kitten with a big personality.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 23/10/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:38

This cute little chap’s story starts with a harrowing tale. At just 4 weeks old, the kitten was shockingly thrown out of a moving car. But while this left him with serious injuries, he was fortunately found by someone who took the kitten to Nashville Cat Rescue.

Looking for love

Little Winston didn’t know that a couple called Jamie and Bryan Adams were volunteers at the shelter and they themselves were looking for a new kitten. Their own beloved cat Timmy, a three-legged ginger tabby, also had a similar story to Winston. But sadly, Timmy had died from cancer leaving the couple desperate to find a new feline.

Love at first sight

Jamie and Bryan heard about little Winston and asked if they could meet him. When they first saw him, it was love at first sight.


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Jamie told Love Meow: "I think it was his tenacity to fight for his tiny, brand new life that touched our hearts first, then it was those big kitten eyes and crazy Albert Einstein-esque fluff. We knew he was the total package."


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"He curled up in my husband's arms and started to play. He was the happiest little goof you could imagine!"

Emergency surgery

The couple had met Winston just before he was due to have emergency surgery. They knew that for such a young kitten, there were huge potential risks. But that evening they got some good news. The rescue shelter called them to give them the news they were desperately hoping for.

Winston had survived his surgery.

Once Winston had recovered from his surgery, the couple brought him home with the plan to foster and then adopt him. Although they were advised to limit his activity, the little kitten was a bundle of energy and “ready to take off,” according to Jamie.

Something wrong

But it wasn’t long before Jamie and Barry noticed something very wrong with Winston’s leg. They took him back to the vet to get checked out. The vet was the same one who had previously treated their cat Timmy, so they hoped this would bring their little friend some good luck. But despite the vet’s best efforts, he wasn’t able to save Winston’s leg. The kitten’s leg had to be amputated.

In spite of losing his leg, Winston bounced back and made a full recovery.


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Winston the warrior cat

Winston continued to make great progress and returned home to his new family just a few days after surgery.

The couple celebrated Winston’s homecoming with a special post on Instagram“Winston is such a special boy, just one homecoming wouldn’t do...Today we celebrated his second ( and hopefully last!) homecoming after an unexpected detour on his road to recovery.

“Winston underwent successful amputation of his right rear limb yesterday afternoon. The surgery was a success and the infected, shattered and painful bone removed. The same evening he was up walking around. He has done SO well, he was discharged home today! As I am typing this post, he is in my arms attacking my fingers! He will be confined to minimum activity for the next two weeks to let his incision heal. He also has antibiotics and pain medicine to help with his healing process.

“Welcome to the tripawd club, Winston!!!”

New furry friends

Winston joins his new furry siblings, cats Fuzzy Pete and Maggie and Shiner the dog. Winston has settled in so well to his new home and he’s even developed a special bond with Pete who was also Timmy’s best pal.


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Speed demon

He may only have three legs, but since the surgery, Winston can now whizz around without a care in the world. Jamie said: "We could immediately tell a difference in his personality. He was so joyful. Now that he could move around almost any way he wanted, he was free and loving his life, finally!"

Winston is also a chatty little chap and knows how to get attention when he wants it.

"His fur has almost grown back all the way. He still has the wild Einstein-hair and the cutest little spikes of ear fluff. He chirps when he wants your attention," added Jamie.

"He had been through three surgeries before he was even two pounds! He died and came back. He lost his 'rudder' but doesn't walk anywhere - he runs!"

The couple’s Instagram showcases the exploits of all their furry friends.


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Accompanying a photo of a more grown-up looking Winston, it reads: "Winston is a speed demon, and has officially been ‘belled’! Most people don’t believe me when I tell them just how fast our tripods are – they are always faster than the 4-legged kitties. Maybe it’s because they are more aerodynamic, maybe it’s because they have less weight to haul - who knows!"

“Pete is also enjoying the new ‘early warning alert’ for pounce attacks!”


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He may only have three legs, but it seems nothing will stop little Winston.