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German Shepherd owner goes to sleep and wakes up with a transformed pup!

German Shepher'd ears pop up over night dog-wow
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Most of us are used to seeing our dogs look the same as they did the day before. But this owner awoke to a very surprising sight indeed, her pup had transformed overnight…

By Natasha James , 23 Oct 2019

Surprising young pup

Life with a young puppy can be surprising. You could wake up to find they’ve discovered the joys of toilet roll destruction or fallen asleep in the most unlikely of places. This German Shepherd owner was in for quite a surprise though as her pup seemingly changed his appearance overnight!

A Reddit user posted pictures of her puppy that amazed fellow Redditors because in just one night, the pooch seemingly transformed into a different dog!

A surprising wake up

As the owner went to bed, she said goodnight to a floppy-eared pooch but when she awoke the next day, she found his ears had stood up overnight!

Like most of us dog owners, she documented the experience by taking lots of pics of her pup and his new appearance.

Most adult German Shepherds have upright ears but GS puppies' ears tend to flop down - this is because the cartilage in the ear is not well developed for them to stand up yet.

German Shepherd owners look out for when their pups' ears stand up because the upright ears are a sign of adulthood.

For most owners, this process is gradual as their pup grows into an adolescent but for this surprised dog lover, the process must have taken a few hours.

Whatever the reason, we can probably all agree that this dog is absolutely gorgeous.