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Dogs in the classroom make the pawfect learning buddies for young students

Dogs helping children in the classroom dog-happy
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We know how much love and companionship our canine pals give us at home. But now an increasing number of dogs are lending a paw to help youngsters in the classroom.

By Zoe Monk , 22 Oct 2019

More schools across the UK are now employing waggy-tailed staff to support young students and even help them with their learning, thanks to the charity, Dogs Helping Kids.

The charity has now recruited the help of Burnham-On-Sea dog training instructor Carrie-Anne New to assess and train dogs to make sure they can provide pawfect therapeutic and educational support to work in schools and colleges.

Dogs Helping Kids offers the highest standards of canine training and welfare in the UK. Its school dogs have positively transformed the classroom experience for many young people.

Carrie-Anne runs Tricky Paws Puppy & Dog Training based in Burnham and was delighted to work with the charity. She told “I am absolutely thrilled to be accepted into this incredible charity. It is Dogs Helping Kids’ vision to have a Dogs Helping Kids school dog in every school and college across the country and I am excited to be a part of this. In fact, my first DHK puppy has just graduated from my most recent Happy Puppy course!”


A really enormous thank you to Countess Wear Community School in Exeter, where the very handsome Percy, a DHK Trainee...

Posted by Dogs Helping Kids on Thursday, July 4, 2019

Dogs Helping Kids uses highly trained dogs to help teach children non-violence, empathy, respect, kindness, love, responsibility, friendship and trust.

I am truly passionate about helping children and the positive effect dogs can have on people is no secret. Dogs Helping Kids school dogs really are of the highest quality and trained to the highest standard – the cream of the crop,” Carrie-Anne added.

“And the best bit? The welfare of each Dogs Helping Kids school dog is at the very top of Dogs Helping Kids’ priority list, resulting in dogs who love going to work.

Waggy-tailed teachers

The dogs have important roles in the school, such as:

Classroom Canines

These dogs just sit in the classroom as the children have their lessons. Their presence can have a very relaxing and calming effect on the children and helps them to focus on their learning.

Therapy Canines

Therapy dogs work one-to-one with a child who may have been abused, bullied or dealing with emotional issues. These dogs also help children overcome their fear of dogs or who struggle with social interaction.

Listening Canines

These dogs are specially trained to sit calmly as children read to them. Their unconditional acceptance, patience and non-judgemental approach, helps to encourage children to read and feel more confident with doing so.

Reward Canines

For those children who have performed particularly well during the week, they are rewarded with the chance of spending time during their break or lunch with these special dogs. They may walk, groom, play and even train these dogs which also helps improve their self-esteem and social skills.

Approved trainers

Tracey Berridge, Founder and CEO of Dogs Helping Kids, said: “Dogs Helping Kids is really pleased to announce that Dog Trainer Carrie-Anne New of Tricky Paws Puppy and Dog Training has recently passed her DHK Approved Trainers Assessment and has joined the ranks of our DHK Approved Trainers.

“We are after the very best dog trainers and behaviourists in the country to help us train our DHK School Dogs and Carrie Anne is an awesome positive dog trainer. We are proud to have her in our charity and we look forward to working with her over the coming years.”