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Dog gives birth to eight puppies, but one of them stands out from the rest

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When Caddy Williams’ dog became pregnant with 8 puppies, she was very excited to meet them. She knew they would all be different, but one of them was very different from the rest.

By Memoona Zahid , 22 Oct 2019

What a lucky dog owner!

Caddy was well aware that her pet would soon give birth to eight puppies, thanks to various ultrasounds. She was very excited to make friends with all the tiny puppies.


So, imagine her surprise when one of the puppies that her dog gave birth to was… green!


Yes, that’s right. One of the adorable little puppies had skin that was tinged in a shade of green.


Caddy noticed the strange occurrence when her dog was giving birth to the eight puppies. She was obviously concerned by what she was witnessing. But she did not panic.


At first Caddy had thought that the dog’s fur was just darker but when she looked closely at the puppy, she realised that it was in fact green.


She remained calm as she inspected the new-born pup who looked different from the rest of his siblings because of his green coat.


From a scientific point of view, biliverdin is a green pigment found in bile. When light-coloured puppies come into contact with this bile, they will often turn a green-ish colour.


8 healthy puppies


Caddy mostly did not panic because she had recently read an article about the colour green on puppies. She knew that the green pigmentation on the pup would cause no health risks.


It was pleasing to know that all eight puppies had been born healthy and that they were all unique and special in their own way.


To mark the occasion of the puppies’ green fur, she decided to call him Verdant, which indicates the colour green in French.


There is nothing wrong with being different, in fact it just makes you stand out – especially if you’re as adorable as Caddy’s pup.


Watch the video below to see this green pup in action!



☘? GREEN GREAT DANE: Yes, you read that right. Caddy Williams of Canon City sent us this video of her new litter. One is not like the others.

Posted by KRDO NewsChannel 13 / on Tuesday, October 15, 2019