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Passengers speechless after a stray dog boards bus and refuses to budge

Dog sits on window seat of Bradford bus dog-sad
© Gemma Louise Burton - Facebook

It is not something often witnessed on the early morning 620 to Bradford city centre: a sad dog all by itself boarding at Brierley Lane and bound for the Bradford terminus.

By Nick Whittle , 21 Oct 2019

But it is exactly the scene Gemma Burton and fellow passengers on the bus were privy to on their way in to town last week.

No-one knows from where the dog came or to whom it belonged, although its collar suggested to onlookers that it was not a stray. Nevertheless, on it walked to take up a lowly and hang-dog pose by a window.

At one stop it tried to alight, but passengers forbid it since the bus stop was on a busy thoroughfare. In the end, the dog stayed on until the terminus, at which point she was gently coaxed from her seat.

The Yorkshire Evening Post quoted Ms Burton as saying, “She did try and get off the bus at one point but it was on the busy main road, so we got her to stay on and someone stayed with her on the bus before she was taken off at Bradford Interchange.”

Awaiting owners

According to The Post, the dog is now housed at Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue in Gomersal. The pooch will be kept comfortable and will be looked after by the shelter’s workers. If the owner has not come forward soon the shelter will begin the process of having the dog rehomed.

Last week, Janet Burrell, of the shelter, said, “Whoever her owner is musn't be missing her that much, it's been 48 hours now.”

If nothing is heard from the dog’s owners she will be available for adoption in due course. In the meantime, if you are local to the area and interested in adopting a dog you might want to consider talking to Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue on 07784184572, or email them on:


This little cutie came on the 620 bus at Bierley Lane to Bradford this morning. If she belongs to you and you're in Bradford, please, please come to the Bradford Interchange bus station and collect her.

Posted by Gemma Louise Burton on Wednesday, October 16, 2019