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8 things that only a cat person can really understand

There's some things only cat people can know cat-wow
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We feel sorry for people who don’t own cats. They’re missing out on so much! So here’s a list of eight things that only cat people will truly understand.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 21/10/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:38

1#  We know who's really in charge

We might pay the bills and make sure the cupboards are always filled with kitty treats.  But as soon as you let a cat into your house, there's only one real boss! Try telling this guy to get down off the sofa!


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2#  They're smarter than everybody thinks

Sometimes dogs get all the credit. They're always showing off those new tricks, trying to prove they're the smartest thing on four legs. But anyone who lives with a cat knows they can rival plenty of dogs in the brains department. After all, when's the last time you saw a dog do this!


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3#  Cats are part of the family

Some say that cats are selfish creatures who only want us when they need something. But these are usually the people who've never lived with a cat. Because we know our kitties love us just as much as we love them!


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4#  Cats are hilarious

Cats are curious creatures who love exploring the world. This means they're always getting into little scrapes! Some work out; some don't. Either way, the results are usually hilarious!


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5# They know how to get anyway with almost anything

We love our cats. But let's be honest, sometimes they're hard work! But despite the odd accident around the house and those fresh scratch marks on the brand new sofa, they can always melt our hearts with one look!


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6#  What's personal space?

Anyone who lives with a cat will know that these little furballs have got no concept of personal space. If they see a comfy-looking spot, they're sleeping on it - even if that comfy spot is you!


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7#  Some cats are camera shy

Social media has turned some cats into global stars, and others into legends. The iconic Grumpy Cat passed away earlier this year, but it looks like his spirit lives on in this unhappy-looking chap!


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8#  They make us happy

It's a scientific fact that cats make us happier. Petting a kitty for just a few minutes reduces stress and releases feel-good chemicals in the brain, while owning one brings years of happiness and joy. But as a cat person, you already knew that!


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