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WATCH: Hilarious video shows Great Dane roaring for their owner’s sandwich

Great Dane begs owner for his sandwich dog-happy
© Ron Cameron - YouTube

We know that dogs love food and quite often, it’s their human’s food that looks the most appealing. But one Great Dane was especially determined to get a bite of his owner’s lunch.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 21/10/2019, 08:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:23

Dog owner Ron Cameron had just started to tuck into his sandwich when his Great Dane Dinky decides he wants a bite. Sounding like a roaring lion (or a Harley Davidson as one YouTuber commented), the imposing dog doesn’t hold back in making his owner Dad aware that he wants some of his tasty looking snack.

“Linda listen”

“Linda listen,” Ron tells his handsome canine. “You didn’t eat your food, why do you want mine?” He adds. This only makes Dinky crank up his begging technique and appears to growl “I love you” to his owner.

As if Ron hasn’t got his hands full enough, Dinky’s brother Romeo appears and also wants in on Ron’s sandwich. But Romeo has a different approach and stands silently looking at Ron’s lunch with sad eyes.


Finally, Ron gives in and gives his gentle giants, including a third dog Peanut who is sitting on the floor, some of his lunch.

While not all human food is suitable for dogs, we understand sometimes it's hard to resist a handsome canine face.

Watch Ron’s YouTube video (which has so far reached 6,584,057 views) to see, and hear, the lengths these giant dogs will go.

Who is Linda?

If you are wondering who Linda is, a video that reached an astonishing 17,895,004 views shows a very sweet, if not a little cheeky, three-year-old boy called Mateo Beltran trying to reason with his mum, Linda. He uses her first name over and over again to get his point across.

Dinky’s tantrums

This isn’t the first time that Dinky has thrown a tantrum to get what he wants. Ron's YouTube channel is bursting with funny videos of his beloved dogs all showing how much they love their owner. One video shows a jealous Dinky, spotting his brother Romeo getting lots of attention, throwing what could only be described as a diva strop! See for yourself what lengths Dinky will go to, to get what he wants.