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Astonishing ending for loyal dog waiting in same spot for owner for 4 years

Dog waits by road for owner dog-wow
© Anuchit Uncharoen - Facebook

Most dog owners understand the strength of a dog’s loyalty. But one dog in Thailand was so loyal to his owner, he couldn’t forget them, even after four years.

By Zoe Monk , 20 Oct 2019

Loyalty comes very naturally to dogs. For one dog, he couldn’t forget his owners, despite not seeing them for four years.

After jumping out of his owner’s car at a petrol station, the dog then got lost. That was the last time the owner and dog saw each other.

But then a man called Anuchit Uncharoen spotted the dog, standing near a road in the Mueang District in the South of Thailand.

The dog looked very thin and his coat was very shaggy and unkempt.

Heartbreaking loyalty

In a simply heartbreaking video taken by Mr Uncharoen you see the sweet dog waiting and waiting in the hope that his owner would come back.



Posted by Anuchit Uncharoen on Thursday, September 5, 2019

The man discovered that one of the local residents Saowalak Pinnuchawet had felt sorry for the dog and been giving him food. The woman had tried to bring the dog, who locals named Leo, home with her.

But after just a few days, the dog left and returned to the side of the road at the exact same spot. The woman decided that she wouldn’t try to force the dog to come home with her and instead, she brought him food.

Facebook appeal

Concerned about the dog, the man posted an appeal on Facebook in the hope of finding the dog’s owner. Mr. Unchareon’s appeal worked.

He was contacted by a man called Noi who had lost his dog four years before and had resigned himself to believing the dog, called BonBon, had either been stolen or had died.

Noi was relieved to hear that BonBon was alive and that he would be able to reunite with his dog. When Noi approached BonBon it was clear the dog recognised the man and was happy to see him.

However, despite the happy reunion, BonBon had become quite used to his new life roaming free and refused to return home with Noi.

Noi made the difficult decision to leave BonBon at his roadside home. Ms. Pinnuchawet, and other local residents promised that they would continue to feed the dog every day.

Noi pledged to visit his canine pal at his roadside home as much as he could.

A rather unusual happy ending.