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Dog dad comes up with genius plan to help pooch overcome troubled past

Buster now has his own little dog house dog-happy
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A dog dad helped his beloved rescue pooch overcome a troubled and abusive past by building a tiny indoor sanctuary for whenever he needs a little bit of ''me-time!''

By Ashley Murphy , 20 Oct 2019

Buster didn't have the best start in life. In fact, things couldn't have been much worse for the little Staffordshire Terrier. He grew up in an abusive home, trapped in a house with the kind of people who should never be allowed to own pets.

Buster gets a second chance

Thankfully, Buster finally made it to a rescue centre for abused animals. A few days later, Sean Farrell offered to foster the pooch temporarily.

But after spending just a few weeks with Buster, Sean knew he'd found his new best friend. Buster had found his forever home!

However, Buster still carried a lot of trauma from his abusive past. He was friendly and loving, but he would often find a quiet place to hide.

Sean knew there was a happy dog somewhere inside Buster, so he spent two years training and socialising the pooch. He saw a massive improvement in Buster's mental health, but it was clear that the pooch still needed some 'alone-time' now and again.

So Sean built Buster his very own doghouse right inside the living room. It's fully equipped with a comfy doggy bed, a window to look out off, and a fan to keep Buster cool during summer!


I’m so sad and fed up ?? I’ve hurt my back so my parents took buster out today . . He should have come straight back ....

Posted by Zook the General. & Sgt Buster on Saturday, 12 October 2019

Now whenever Buster needs a break, he just wanders into his new house, where his favourite human can keep a loving eye on him!

Buster gets the life he deserves

Buster is now happier than ever and is even helping other people get through the tough times.

Buster recently became a therapy dog. He visits hospitals, care homes, and special needs schools, where he makes lots of new friends and brings plenty of joy to other people's lives.

Well done, Buster. You deserve a happy ending!


Evening everyone. Don’t cry for me Argentina head is trying every trick in the book tonight to get me to hand over the...

Posted by Zook the General. & Sgt Buster on Monday, October 7, 2019