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WATCH: Hilarious moment captured of dog stealing DONUTS from supermarket

dog taking donuts dog-happy
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We all love sweet treats, especially scrumptious donuts, so who can blame this absolutely adorable doggo for being unable to resist the temptation?

By Memoona Zahid , 19 Oct 2019

It was an ordinary day for most people who were shopping in a supermarket in Brazil.

Unfortunately, this Brazilian supermarket had a few thieving incidents over the last couple of weeks so they were actively keeping an eye out for any perpetrators.


Imagine their surprise when CCTV footage revealed a small dog wondering into the supermarket, very casually and confidently.

The dog is pictured striding towards the cookie isle where the donuts were stationed and is seen picking them up with his mouth, with not a care in the world.

Once the bag of donuts was successfully in his possession, the dog is seen leaving the supermarket.

It is reported that several customers saw the incident taking place and began shouting at the dog. In his alarm and confusion, the dog dropped the bag of donuts outside the supermarket and ran away.

But that wasn’t the end...

He later returned to the supermarket and was welcomed lovingly by customers and employees of the shop, who fed and played with him.

Paulo Cardoso spoke to G1, a Brazilian news outlet, saying “Customers thought it was fantastic for a dog to 'rob' a market. Me too, because I had never seen it,

“It is unheard of. But the puppy will become a customer if he does [return]. Let's take care of him."

Watch the video below to see the dog getting his paws on the sweet treats:

We’re glad that the dog is safe and sound and enjoying the delicious donuts!