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Seeing double: The world’s most adorable moustached kitten finds his twin

Two tuxedo cats with moustaches curl up together cat-happy
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A tuxedo kitten discovered abandoned and lying inside a box on a pavement was taken in by a well-meaning animal lover who introduced it to a whole family of tuxedos.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 19/10/2019, 11:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:38

A resident of Istanbul, Turkey, Ahsen collects cats. In truth, she finds stray kittens and cats, cares for them and then tries to find suitable forever homes for them. In the course of her doing so she has kept two cats, one of them a tuxedo called Zikri.


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Ahsen’s daily coming and going was interrupted in September of this year when she discovered a box in the street from which meowing could be heard.

Inside she discovered a small tuxedo kitten with an adorable moustache. Putting aside her anguish at the fact that here was yet another abandoned kitten, Ahsen rushed the animal into her home and began to care for it.

An accepting mother 

Ahsen already had her hands full. In July she discovered a pregnant stray cat and decided to look after her in her confinement. The queen soon gave birth to four kittens, all of which happened to be tuxedos.


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I treated her and her kittens back to health,” Ahsen told Love Meow.

With what must have seemed somewhat odd to the queen, Ahsen presented the new found kitten to the rest of the litter. Despite some rivalry at first the little cat was accepted; so too was it accepted by the mother.


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As for Zikri, he had become a surrogate father to the kittens born of Ahsen’s queen. Despite not being related to any of the litter he too was a tuxedo, and he would help with their care. Naturally, Zikri welcomed the new arrival with open arms.

Pictures of Zikri and the kitten, which was later called Zikriye, have been posted online. There is also a video of the happy family!