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Rescuers go above and beyond to save Mastiff dog stuck on top of a mountain

Floyd the mastiff is rescued from a mountain hike dog-happy
© SLCOSAR - Facebook

Here is an unusual case of a dog stuck up a mountain, too tired to climb down. His owner left with little choice but to call on Utah’s search and rescue experts.

By Nick Whittle , 18 Oct 2019

Floyd is his name. The Mastiff, weighing in at 86kgs (189lbs) enjoys his walks. He would willingly follow his owner tackling the abundant countryside on the outskirts of his home town of Salt Lake City.

But it would appear that earlier this week Floyd met his match. His journey to Grandeur Peak was long and hard, and in the end defeated the poor dog. At the 8,300 feet summit, three-year-old Floyd surrendered to exhaustion.

The dog, weighing roughly the same as a grown man, fell to the ground and refused to move.


Stricken by the prospect of carrying the dog back down the trail, Floyd’s owner considered his options. It was getting late in the day and it would be cold at night. After consideration, he decided his only option was to call for outside help.

Search and rescue to the rescue

At 18:30 Salt Lake County Sherriff’s Search and Rescue (SLCOSAR) team received the call. They listened, took the details of Floyd’s location and jumped at the chance to rescue a dog in need.

Fortunately, other hikers had already called the police after encountering Floyd and his owner, and being themselves unable to help.


Writes the Team on their Facebook page: “Rescue #45 Grandeur Peak/ Millcreek Canyon. SLCOSAR got a call for a 190-pound, 3-year-old Male injured Mastiff about two miles up the Grandeur Peak Trail.

Salt Lake County Search and Rescue members went into action and headed up the trail to make sure Floyd could get off the mountain with his human before it got too cold.”

Floyd carried to safety 

Pictures from the drama were later posted on line by the SLCOSAR team. They show Floyd being lifted carefully onto a stretcher and carried down the mountain. The care the team gave to Floyd was equal to that given to human casualties.

Writes the Team, “Floyd was a good boy and was happy to be assisted. Floyd his human and all the team members got off the mountain around 10:30PM.”

By all accounts Floyd has recovered from his ordeal and looking forward to more leisurely walks.



Posted by Salt Lake County Sheriff's Search and Rescue on Tuesday, October 15, 2019