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Driver leaves his dog outside on his pickup during a snowstorm

Husky dog on the back of a pickup in the snow dog-angry
© Evan Kruegel - Twitter

Some photos found on the web can freeze your attention, literally. A picture posted on Twitter has definitely brought attention to the debate of cruelty.

By Emilie Heyl , 20 Oct 2019

In Aurora, a small town in Colorado, a woman was driving on the motorway and saw something that immediately gave her chills. She decided to take a picture, where we can see a young Malamute helpless as he was carried on the back of a pickup car. But the story doesn’t end there.

A snowstorm in Colorado 

Temperatures reached below -8 degrees and the roads of Colorado were covered with snow because of a big snowstorm. But this didn’t seem to stop the driver of the pickup from putting his Malamute in the back of his truck. This act of cruelty shocked the whole country.

The other drivers could not believe what they were witnessing and decided to take pictures and call 911.

In these pictures, we can notice the freezing dog crouched in the back of the pickup without any protection or leash, he was covered in snow. This helpless and cold dog had no way of escaping and his only option was to sit there and wait.

We for sure felt shivers, did you?

Was his sentence too light?

Thanks to the woman’s picture and many calls to 911, the police managed to find the driver of the vehicle. Was it a free act of cruelty? Or animal abuse due to high exposure to low temperatures and snow which could have caused hypothermia? Maybe both…

However, despite several charges that could have been filed against the owner of the dog, he only received a warning from the city’s Animal Service officers. He apologized in public and promised that he wouldn’t make that mistake again.