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Aldi bag dangling from a fence, what’s inside is heartbreaking

Aldi bag hanging on a fence cat-sad
© Tierauffangstation Schmalkalden und Umgebung - Facebook

An employee of a rescue centre in Germany did not expect to start her day the way she did. In a dangling Aldi bag, it’s a rather upsetting surprise for this shelter.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the 18/10/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:38

Last week, early one morning, Christel, the manager of a rescue centre in Schmalkalden started her day as normal. As she walks up to the centre to open it, she comes across something quite intriguing. 

Hanging on a fence, she noticed an Aldi bag and wondered what was inside. She had a look around to see if anyone was there or if anyone had left a note but did not find anything. She immediately knew something wasn’t right. So, she decided to have a peak and was horrified by her discovery. How can people be so mean?

Two small balls of fur 

She took the bag inside and discovered a box inside it. The bag and the box were completely soaked because of the rain. She carefully opened the box and was shocked of its content. Two really small kittens, who were about six weeks old.

Christel could not understand why someone would abandon such small kittens in a box with a tiny hole so that the kittens don’t suffocate. It’s ok to rehome an animal for whatever reason but it’s not ok to abandon them in such a horrible way. Rescue centres are here to help.

The two kittens are very comfortable around humans, they love to cuddle and pounce on food as soon as their dinner is served.

Kittens up for adoption 

The kittens have been well looked after, neutered and fed. Christel is now looking for a loving family who will take care of these two kittens and treat them well. She is currently taking care of 20 kittens in the rescue centre.