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A car stops in front of two policemen and causes a huge consternation

Jack Russell in the back of a car dog-wow
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Two traffic officers were on duty when they had to deal with a situation they really did not expect!

By Emilie Heyl , 17 Oct 2019

A young couple decided to stop in front of a stop sign where two traffic officers were working. They opened the window of their car, and the two policemen saw a small puppy sat on their knees. The couple didn’t say much, handed the puppy and drove away. They explained that they had bought this Jack Russell puppy on an online website earlier in the day, but eventually changed their minds and decided they did not want the puppy anymore.

A close call for this puppy

The two officers looked at each other a little bit perplexed before they agreed about taking the puppy. They brought him to a local Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Animal shelter. The Jack Russell was lucky, because we could not imagine what this couple would have done with this puppy if they hadn’t bumped into these two traffic officers.

The little Jack Russell was only 6 weeks old, which is way too young to be separated from his mother. Indeed, puppies must be 7-8 weeks old before they can be separated from their mother.

Updates on the Jack Russell puppy

Battersea took care of him and renamed him Buddy because the puppy was so affectionate and everyone just fell in love with him immediately!

Despite a rough start in life, Buddy is healthy. A few days after arriving at the shelter, he was quickly adopted by his new family! Buddy is a playful puppy who loves to run after a tennis ball. He is happy in his new home and we wish him all the best this world has to offer!