Woman caring for kitten with four ears and one eye makes an incredible decision

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She’s an experienced cat foster mother who has cared for dozens of felines while they wait to find their forever homes. But one special little kitten changed everything.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 17/10/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:23

He may look a little unusual, but that doesn’t stop him being incredibly cute and adorable.

Meet Frankie


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This little kitten’s story starts when he was found under a house in Geelong, Australia.

He had a severely deformed eye and four years. Realising that he needed urgent treatment, the family who found him took him to Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS).


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There, the 10-week-old kitten underwent surgery to remove the eye, was cleaned up and nursed back to health.


Frankie was then fostered by Georgie Anderson. “He came into GAWS with his brother after being found living under a house,” Georgia told the Geelong Advertiser, according to The Metro.

He had a very deformed eye which required surgery to remove but he’s doing really well.”


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His four ears and one eye earned him the name of Frankenkitten (Frankie for short).

Forever home 

But the kitten’s unusual looks didn’t stop Georgie from falling in love with him. Despite fostering almost 80 cats, he was the first she could not bring herself to rehome him and decided to adopt the cute kitty.


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It’s not known why Frankie has four eyes. It’s believed that it may be down to an incredibly rare genetic fault. “I’ve researched it to see if it’s a genetic fault but it’s so rare there’s not much written about them,” Georgie added.

Follow Frankie

Georgia said Frankie has become best friends with her son, Arthur. He's also become an Instagram star with his unique features are now winning the hearts of social media.


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The little chap has his own Instagram account with an incredible 44.9k followers, keen to keep up to date with what Frankie gets up to and seeing him go about his daily life and just hanging out with his feline foster friends.