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Animal welfare under scrutiny as girl’s dog shot by animal warden (Video)

Black spaniel lies on grass dog-angry
© Pixabay

The stray animal policy of the Kazakhstani government has come under renewed scrutiny after footage emerged of the killing of a puppy in front of its 8-year-old owner.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 15/10/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:23

Writes the Daily Mail, Shynali Risbibi began her daily walk to school last Thursday (10/10/19) accompanied by her one-year-old spaniel Barsik. Shortly after leaving the house, the dog was shot with a dart by an animal control warden.


The dart is assumed to have been laced with Lysthenon, the chemical of choice of the Kazakhanstani animal control authority. Frightened by the impact, Shynali’s spaniel began to walk back to the house but soon collapsed on the pavement and died.

Shynali, confused by the situation, walks over to the dog to cuddle it. Moments later the warden approaches and drags the dog away from the girl, eventually bundling the corpse into the back of his van.

According to the Mail, dog wardens earn their money per canine corpse, which can only increase their temptation to fire on dogs indiscriminately.

Kazakhstani “cruelty”

According to animal welfare volunteers working in the country, the government’s hard-line tactics against the stray dog population are cruel and ineffective.

According to the Emma Rose Project, a stateside enterprise which supports the work of animal welfare charities worldwide, animal control is out of control in the former Soviet enclave. In 2017, the project questioned an animal welfare worker about the conditions in which stray dogs were kept, and the method by which they were caught.


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Posted by Проект "Добрый город" on Monday, April 22, 2019


Writes the Project, “The stray animal isolation facility is horrible (like a jail with no food or water for stray animals).” Furthermore a lot of animals are caught using a wire lasso, which cuts into the dog’s neck as it tightens. Worst of all is the use of Lysthenon for euthanasia, which, says the welfare worker, does not kill the dog immediately but renders it paralysed.

Despite the work of well-meaning activists and campaigners, the situation remains dire.

Below is the video of the animal control worker killing the dog. Be aware the following video may contain some images that people can find upsetting!