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She finds a dog in the street, when she gets closer, the truth is shocking!

dog in streets stuck in a bag dog-sad
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It was a close call for this dog and her puppies found on the streets. A woman got closer to them and just couldn’t believe what she saw.

By Emilie Heyl , 15 Oct 2019

It all started with a social media post written by Josiane Almeida, a Brazilian activist for animal rights. She shared a photo, where we can see a dog and her puppies abandoned on the side of a road. But the nightmare doesn’t end there. Indeed, someone had tied the dog in a bag… 

A cruel action 

When Josiane Almeida discovered the dog and her puppies, they were dehydrated and afraid. She quickly took action and removed the dog from the bag where she was stuck. Then, she put the whole family in her car and took them to see a vet’.

At the vet, it's a shock. The veterinarian discovered that the dog had a cancerous tumor. This is probably why she was abandoned, even though this is not an excuse but an act of cruelty. On a positive note, her puppies were dehydrated, but were healthy.

Josiane Almeida was determined to find a solution to help this poor dog. She used social media to reach out to people and ask for help. And she was right to do so! Indeed, because of her determination, the dog received a lot of funds and the treatment she needed. Today, she has a good chance to recover fully. Her puppies will be up for adoption when they are old enough. This story proves that with human determination and generosity, we can do wonders!

Check out this video portraying the story of this dog and her puppies. A story that started badly, but ended well.