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Dog becomes Insta- famous thanks to this "small" detail!

borzoi with long nose dog-happy
© Eris the Borzoi - Instagram

Eris, a Borzoi Sighthound, who is one year old, has gone viral on Instagram after her owner, Joey Kidd-Kambourian, 26, shared a picture of her very long nose.

By Memoona Zahid , 16 Oct 2019

Eris and her owner Joey, live together in Ohio. They both love to go wander out and about and enjoy a nice walk. However, Eris doesn't go unnoticed and often intrigues people's curiosity. And we can understand why, Eris is thought to have the longest nose in the world, measuring up to 31 centimetres. Would we have a new Pinocchio in town?

Eris: Insta-Famous!


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Joey decided to share pictures of Eris’ snout on Instagram. Today, the Borzoi Sighthound has gained over 104,000 followers, and we can totally understand why. Not only is his nose outstanding, but his personality and looks are to die for.

Joey is a jewellery designer based in Ohio and says "I got Eris in July 2018 and my life has been quite the whirlwind since."

Joey comments that they originally started the Instagram account to keep track of Eris’ progress as they grew together as a family. But today Eris in becoming an instagrameur and popular around her neighbourhood: ‘She’s got a really big personality, and a lot of our neighbours know who she is, and she loves saying hello!’.

A new World record?


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Joey says that Eris is a very friendly and active dog, interacting with everyone she comes across in a pleasant manner.

Whether he thinks Eris has the longest nose, he says: "Whilst there are other dogs that are a bit longer than her in general, I definitely think she could be in the running for the world’s longest nose.

"I don’t think there is anybody tracking this record at the moment though… but it would be great for Eris if they did!"

We certainly can see why Eris has gained so much attention – her nose is the cutest (and longest) ever!


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