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Police find 3-year-old missing boy after this hero dog arrives on the scene

A police dog tracked the missing boy to a nearby wood dog-wow
© Santa Rosa County District One - Facebook

A hero police Bloodhound used his super tracking abilities to locate a 3-year old autistic boy who went missing after wandering into a large woodland area.

By Ashley Murphy , 15 Oct 2019

The Hughes family lives in Florida, USA. Last month, Audra Huges left her son Aeric with his grandma for the day. But while nobody was looking, 3-year-old Aeric snuck out of the back gate after deciding to go on a little adventure.

Aeric goes on an 'adventure'

Aeric, who was diagnosed with autism, then wandered into a large woodland area behind granny's house.

When granny realised what had happened, she called the local police, who then contacted Aeric's mum. She said:

"The most terrifying words a mother can get on the phone is your child is missing, get home right now."

After searching the local area for two hours, police officers decided they needed a helping paw from one of their furry colleagues. 

A specially trained canine tracking unit arrived on the scene shortly after, and a Bloodhound took over the search.

Twenty-eight minutes later, the super pooch found Aeric about 200 yards away in the deep woodland.

Officers had to use machetes to cut back trees and shrubs before they could get to Aeric. Officers said Aeric had a few scratches and bug bites but didn't sustain any serious injuries.

He was then carried back to the house and reunited with grandma and his mum.

A dog that gets the job done

The Santa Rosa Sheriffs Department shared the story on Facebook, taking the opportunity to give the police pooch a big congratulations.

The post received over 30k likes and thousands of comments from the public. One person wrote:

"What a great doggo and handlers!!!!!!!! I can not imagine losing my boy in the woods. I am so glad he was found. That pup needs lots and lots of treats."

We couldn't agree more. That's one very good boy!