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Watch: adorable clip will change the way you think about cats and dogs forever

These two are the best of friends dog-cat-happy
© stepseven - Youtube

They say cats and dogs are the best of enemies, but an adorable Youtube clip featuring a giant Rottweiler and a tiny kitten shows how they can be the best of friends.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 15/10/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:38

Choko isn't just a dog. He's a vey big dog. In fact, the giant Rottweiler looks like the kind of pooch you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of - especially if you're a cat!

A super-cute double act

We reckon most of the local kitties scarper up the first tree when they see Choko out on his walkies, but it turns out he's a big softie at heart. He's also got a very special soft spot for one little feline named Akula.

In the 30-second Youtube clip, which has been viewed over 140k times, Akula does what no other cat would dare do! She walks over to be her giant dog brother and starts nibbling on his ear as he lies stretched out on the floor!

At first, it looks like Akula is taking a pretty big risk. After all, upsetting a dog of that size isn't the smartest of moves and many first time viewers hold their breath as they wait for the Rottweiler's reaction.

But rather than getting angry or upset, Choko just lies there, happily letting the little kitten use his giant ear as a chew toy.

Choko surrenders to the cuteness

Maybe the big dog was just too tired to do anything about the naughty kitten. Or maybe he loves his little sister so much that he lets her get away with anything.

Because let's face it, nobody could get angry at anything as cute as little Akula - and it looks like she knows it too! Check it out for yourself!