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Owners knew their pooch was pregnant but they were in for a huge shock

Pregnant rottweiler has HUGE litter dog-happy
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Devoted dog owners were delighted when they found out their beloved pooch was pregnant but they were not at all prepared for what came next...

By Natasha James , 14 Oct 2019

Eleanor and Ian are proud parents of Jessie, a beautiful two-year-old Rottweiler. They’d been told to look out for a litter of five or six puppies and given an expected arrival day of Tuesday.

Tuesday came and went, as did Wednesday and Thursday and Friday!

On Sunday morning, the dog owners awoke to the sounds of Jessie going into labour. They rushed to her side and saw that two pups had already been safely delivered.

A huge litter

Proudly watching on as Jessie gave birth to numbers five and six, her owners thought that the new mum would soon be able to rest but she was only just getting started!

As number 11, 12 and 13 arrived, Eleanor and Ian were stunned.

By number 15, Jessie was done and the couple took to the internet to find out litter sizes for Rottweilers and were surprised to learn that this was the second largest Rottweiler delivery recorded in the UK.

A great mum!

It seems that despite the huge numbers, Jessie is an excellent mother and takes turns feeding and cleaning her pups. She even adopted the family cat at one point!

Only the biggest and smallest have been named so far (Walter and Daisy) and the other thirteen are still known simply as "puppy" for now.

Well done Jessie, we wish you and your pups a very happy life filled with lots of love and treats!