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Cat hospitalised for exhaustion after mating with five females!

Exhausted male cat on a fluids after too much mating cat-wow
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Left to roam free overnight in a cattery this, ahem, frisky kitty had such an eventful night that he was hospitalised the next day for exhaustion!

By Natasha James

Published on the 14/10/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:38

Mr and Mrs Zhao from Guangzhou in South China needed somewhere for their Russian Blue stud kitty Xiaopi to stay while they stayed out of town for the night.

Doing what many of us do when we go away and looking for somewhere local, the Zhaos chose the nearby Pet Hotel and clearly informed them that Xiaopi was not neutered.

Exhausted moggy

Nevertheless, they were not prepared for what greeted them the next day!

When they arrived it seems that Xiaopi was so exhausted that he needed to be hospitalised for exhaustion and required IV fluids to regain his strength.

When the Zhaos watched the CCTV footage they were stunned to learn that the kitties had all been left to roam free throughout the night and energetic Xiaopi had mated with no fewer than FIVE female cats!

Upset owners

Initially, the Pet Hotel were angry with the Zhaos and informed them that it was their responsibility to inform the other cat owners that their moggies may be pregnant. Understandably, the frustrated Zhaos did not take this lying down and have since had an apology from the Pet Hotel.

We’re pleased to say that following his hospital stint, Xiaopi has fully recovered and may well have a few litters of kittens to look forward to.

Let’s hope these kittens don’t all take after their father. That sort of behaviour is usually reserved for rabbits, after all!