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See what turned a big dog into a giant scaredy-cat in this hilarious clip

Krueger's owner caught the hilarious encounter on video dog-wow
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Krueger is the kind of dog that looks like he can handle himself. However, there's one thing in the world that terrifies him - and it's much smaller than you'd think!

By Ashley Murphy , 14 Oct 2019

Big dogs don't scare. Or do they?

Krueger lives in Connecticut, USA, with his dog parents. He's a big softy at heart, but like all Great Danes, he makes an imposing first impression. This big dog weighs over 130lbs and is as tall as a grown man when he jumps up on his hind legs.


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In other words, Krueger looks like he isn't scared of anyone or anything.


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But looks can be deceiving, and there's one thing that can turn this tough-looking pooch into a real scaredy-cat! And it's a stuffed toy goat that switches from cute to 'evil' in a split second!


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Krueger's dog mum caught the hilarious encounter on video. At first, the Great Dane looks intrigued with the furry toy. He even gives it a friendly sniff.

But when Krueger's owner presses a button on the toy, known as 'feisty pet', it snaps open its jaw to reveal a set of fangs, transforming from a cute and innocent looking goat into something terrifying (or at least that's what Krueger thinks!)

Krueger recoils in horror, then decides to make a run from it!

His owner decided to share the footage on Instagram, with the caption: 'Krueger, the 135-pound scaredy cat..Just watch!'

The clip now has over 16k views, with loads of people leaving comments about the hilarious footage.

One person wrote:

"This video is EVERYTHING!! I can't get enough!"

Another commented:

"Crazy doll! Scared me, I understand!"

Krueger redeems himself

It's fair to say that the incident took its toll on Krueger's ego. After all, if he's scared of a little toy, how can he keep his humans safe?

But like any true hero, Krueger faced up to his fears, and he's now braver than ever before!


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